Thursday, July 17, 2014

Cataract Surgery Is Now Approved

Today I had my evaluation by a cataract surgeon to see if I need my cataracts taken out.  The appointment was at 10:00 this morning in Fairfax near Merrifield, and I had a friend drive me there since my eyes were to be dilated.  They tested my eyes with a couple of machines, and they tested them with a person making the measurements with the normal instruments used by an optometrist.  I told them that the cataracts were making it difficult to drive at night and that I needed to drive at night for some of my math tutoring appointments.  Bottom line, they agreed with me that I needed cataract surgery.  Hooray!

Now, I have to do somethings in preparation for the surgery.  I need to be medically cleared by my medical doctor no later than two weeks before the surgery. Tomorrow I will be taking the two-page form to my doctor and schedule the appointment for this.  I already have a follow up appointment scheduled with my medical doctor for Tuesday afternoon.  I don't know if this appointment can be used for this clearance or not, but hopefully I will find that out tomorrow.  The people at the eye doctor wanted me to schedule an appointment for the cataract surgery today, but I did not want to do that until I know when my medical doctor will be able to medically clear me for the surgery.  The cataract surgeon will perform the operation on my right eye first since that is my dominant eye.  My left eye will be done 3 weeks later.  There is a good chance I will be seeing better that next day.  I certainly hope so.

Of course I will be nervous about this surgery.  Who wouldn't be?  There is no surgery without risks.  My surgeon is an highly rated cataract surgeon, and he has done over 20,000 of these surgeries for 25 years.  I think he knows what he is doing, and I trust him.   I am looking for a great outcome when this is over with.  I have now taken the first step to seeing much better.

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