Sunday, April 3, 2011

We are not Vulcans

I love the Star Trek TV shows and their movies.  They portray such a optimistic view of the future.  Two of the more fascinating characters on the various Star Trek shows are Spock and T'Pol,  two vulcans.  Supposedly, Vulcans do not have emotions.  However, we do learn that Vulcans do have emotions.  They just do a better job of suppressing them.  That does not mean that Spock and T'Pol do not express their emotions.  They do express them, just not as often or in conflicting abundance.

Yes, we humans do have emotions, and we express them in their many forms all the time.  We are moved by beautiful music (I am listening to some beautiful classical music as I write this posting), or we get angry when we hear a politician say something that we disagree with in a fundamental way.   Emotions can be a good thing or a bad thing.  Anger can make us say to someone something that we really did not mean and which we may regret for a long time.  Anger can also motivate us to make meaningful change. 

I was watching a video this morning about a person who has made the decision to switch from a PC user to a Mac user.  He made this decision after much thought and deliberation.  The person who was talking with the person who has made the switch to Apple products (he has bought an iPad and a Apple TV as well) made the comment that PCs are getting so inexpensive, especially compared to Macs, that buying a PC can almost be buying on impulse.  Many manufacturers actually count on people to buy on impulse to sell a lot of their products.  I certainly have been guilty of that, as has most everyone else. 

I have Windows Vista on the laptop that I am using to write this posting.  I really want to install Windows 7 on this laptop as Widows 7 is a much better operating system than Windows Vista.  My emotions are telling me that I must go to Best Buy today to get Windows 7.  It would be so cool to have Windows 7 on my laptop.  However, I know that I have higher priority things that need to get fixed or replaced.  I have a leaky faucet in my bathtub that must be fixed.  I need some new clothes, especially t-shirts and polo shirts which are wearing out.  There are other things that are higher priority as well, but I really do not need to mention them.  Actually I am not having any problems with Windows Vista if I must be honest with myself.  If I am having any problems with it, either I put up with them or ignore them. 

Just suffice it to say that emotions are tough to deal with, and we deal with them on a daily basis.  Some people wear their emotions on their sleeves.  Others are better at hiding their emotions, but that does not mean they do not have a hard time dealing with their emotions.  In fact, they tend to have a harder time with their emotions, and their emotions may come out more intensely as a result.

I am glad I have emotions.  I enjoy life more because of them.  They are a part of who I am.  Emotions can make me feel bad as well.  However if we did not feel bad at times, we would not appreciate the times when we feel good.  We appreciate the warm spring days more when we have had the cold winter days.  I am glad I am not a Vulcan.